Born in 1974, I have yet to be successfully slain.

I am lucky enough to be in the category of those bright enough to see what’s going on but too pathologically odd to deal with other humans appropriately.   Hence, I have a deal of time on my hands when not being hounded by the dogs of the DWP, and spend some of it staring at facebook.   I often comment at length on posts, and recently realised (with my therapist’s help) that taking a morning to write, edit and ‘publish’ a 2000 word comment on facebook, was, essentially, writing an article, so why not do that instead?

So here we are, with a policy, basically, that when something on facebook rouses me to comment to the tune of more than a paragraph, I’ll do it here instead, where my words will splatter more eyes.  Sometimes I’ll just post stuff I previously wrote, and couldn’t force on anyone anywhere else.

Rest assured that my newsfeed does not consist mainly of lolcats and instagrams of breakfasts.  Not entirely at least.  Injustice, inequality, the stupidity of humans, the awesomeness of humans, science, and olympic karate are all likely topics.

As a sufferer of Brooker’s disease, I will campaign for awareness and understanding of this illness, in order that society can more fully support those afflicted by this tragic condition by leaving us the hell alone.