Take a look at this by The Void.

A beautiful example of ¬†middle-class provincialism. Either you live like the people who run the food bank…quiet, safe, obedient, boring…or you have a ‘chaotic lifestyle.’ Just ‘lifestyle’ on it’s own is an insidious word; it implies a choice, a decision to be a certain way, a bed to be lain in. No one chooses to have a life in chaos, any more than a buffalo chooses to stampede.

This attitude fails to realise that living a life in chaos implies certain fundamental things have gone wrong; limited education and opportunity, poor decision-making skills, and, deliciously, societal pressure to conform to the idealised life we’re shown on TV add up to throw these people into chaos. No one took the time to help them realise where their potential was, how to avoid chaos, how to distinguish want from need; how to use the rational mind. They choose to live the way they do the exact way a chimpanzee chooses to run up a tree and scream when it sees a leopard; through instinct alone and lacking the understanding of viable alternatives.


Trying to shame/punish/starve the chaotic into self-actualisation is insane. The whole point of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is that each preceding layer must be complete before the next can be addressed. I already know people who are taking past-sell-by-date food from bins at the back of supermarkets. (Unless this has happened.) When you are solely engaged day-to-day on securing shelter and food, in the constant cycle of tick and nicking and the micro-boom-bust of giro day then you have no time or energy, or inclination, for self-improvement.

Regardless of what I would wish, society, no matter how egalitarian, will always generate drop-outs and misfits. The uneducated, the underprivileged, the simply not very bright, the addicts, the folks who just aren’t very good at this society (me, for eg.) will always find themselves struggling along at the back. There has to be someone at the back.

We could see ourselves in a race and devil take the hindmost, but I’d prefer to see humanity marching forward together, bundling the slow into the middle of the pack if necessary, helping them keep up, and yes, carrying them in extremis.

Punishing people for behaving like animals in a way that will only force them to behave still more like animals to survive can only reinforce animal behaviour. When everyone has a full belly, everyone can have an open mind.