Very interesting on many levels. I’m fascinated by the psychology of decisions and motivation, and I immediately thought of the possibilities for influencing social, economic and ecological behaviours in this way, and I picked up a nugget or two that may prove useful in the dojo, but as the video went on I became increasingly uneasy… I’ve always assumed that the purpose of studying decision errors and biases was to educate humanity about itself and point towards a truly rational way of managing life. Utilising them to enforce ‘good’ behaviour (who says it’s ‘good’ anyway?) smacks ever so slightly of the Ludovico technique to me.


Human Chess

By Professor Leslie John, Harvard Business School

Identifying effective obesity treatment is both a clinical challenge and a public health priority. Can monetary incentives stimulate weight loss? Leslie John presents a study that examines different economic incentives for weight loss during a 16 week intervention.

Leslie John presented at the “The Science of Getting People to Do Good” research briefing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, co-sponsored by the Center for Social Innovation.

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